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RIP Riverdale: From time travel to tickle fetishes, here are its most unhinged plot points

And you thought the highs and lows of high school football was bad

When Riverdale first came out we were all obsessed with the plot points such as the Black Hood, and Jughead constantly wearing his beanie. But as the seasons went on the storylines became more and more unhinged, featuring spirits having sex and Archie fully fighting off a bear with his bare hands (haha, I’ll see myself out).

So in honour of Riverdale finally coming to a close here is a round up of the 13 most unhinged plot points in the show – buckle in because it’s absolutely wild.

1. Archie’s bear fight

Whilst the show sadly doesn’t physically show Archie fighting the bear, the aftermath shows Archie looking pretty worse for wear and proudly showing off the scar on his chest where the bear scratched him. The best part is Reggie’s reaction when he asks Archie what he’s even been up to recently, to which Archie casually answers “I was attacked by a bear”. Truly iconic.

2. Kevin’s tickle videos

If you’re into tickling you’ll want to read this vaguely traumatic storyline where Reggie convinces Fangs and Kevin to participate in tickle fetish videos for some extra cash. Reggie does particularly well because of his “deep laugh.” When this goes well, the three decide to start their very own tickle fetish business, which leads to Kevin getting into trouble with his original tickle director.

Ultimately, the entire football team comes to his defence, but the business is shut down by the principal because the teens were wearing Riverdale High logos in all of the fetish videos. What a classic and relatable high school scenario we’ve all found ourselves in, right…

3. The mothmen

Riverdale most unhinged plot points

Riverdale season five initially seemed to embrace the supernatural when Jughead was seemingly abducted by aliens after investigating local folklore about mothmen.

Some Riverdale residents believed that these extraterrestrial creatures were responsible for abducting townies over the years. In reality, these beings were actually a clan of inbred Blossom descendants who lived in the woods and occasionally preyed on unfortunate passersby, including Betty’s poor sister Polly. Because the one thing more terrifying than an actual mothman is of course inbred Blossom descendants.

4. Tabitha trying to stop the MLK assassination

Erinn Westbrook’s season five introduction as Pop’s Diner owner Pop Tate’s granddaughter Tabitha was easily the best decision that Riverdale made in its post-time-jump era.

By season six, Tabitha got her own storyline when the gang unexpectedly developed superpowers (yeah I’m coming to that). After discovering that she had the ability to travel through time, she eventually wound up in the year 1968, just before Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

Although Tabitha resolved to save the civil rights leader’s life, she was forced to reckon with the fact that his death was a fixed point in time. But in doing so she discovered that she’s actually Riverdale’s guardian angel! I think Riverdale was trying to do something here and whatever it was honestly who knows.

5. Julian the haunted doll