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Sex Education transformations

Here’s what the cast of Sex Education looked like in their first versus last episode

They were all so young!

It’s been four seasons since Sex Education started, and the show has sadly come to an end. While all the characters have had massive changes to their personalities throughout the seasons, those transformations aren’t the only ones that have happened!

One of the biggest changes from seasons one to four of the show is the character transformations in the first episode versus the last episode of Sex Education.

Maeve Wiley

Sex Education transformations

Via Netflix

When we first saw Maeve on our screens she was a rebellious student who was hiding her love for literature. And as we all know, nothing says rebellious teen like having pink hair.

By the last season, Maeve had dyed her hair brown, got a curtain fringe and was studying abroad in America. She’d left her boyfriend, Otis, behind and was about to receive a call about her book, Southchester.

Otis Milburn

Via Netflix

Season one Otis was nerdy, and deeply uncomfortable with sex and his own body. And whilst his appearance didn’t change a lot throughout the seasons, his personality did. By season four Otis was a student sex therapist, who was dealing with his first big heartbreak after Maeve left for America.

Eric Effiong

Via Netflix

In his first season, Eric was gay and confident but struggled with coming out to wider social circles. In the final season, he decides he wants to become a pastor after coming out to his church. Eric serves so hard in every season, so there wasn’t a huge change in his style between seasons.

Adam Groff

Via Netflix

Adam is another character who definitely had a massive change to his personality throughout the four seasons. In season one he was a homophobic bully who struggled with having an emotionally abusive relationship with his father, who was also the headteacher.

But by the end of the show, Adam came out as bisexual and found his calling working on a farm as a horse teacher. This is the kind of healthy character progression we love to see!

Aimee Gibbs

Via Netflix

Aimee started season one being naive and was still learning about her sexuality. By the end of season four, she had flourished into a self-confident arts student, and was still processing her traumatic sexual assault.

As the show went on she also became more confident in her own style, with the headband look being particularly iconic.

Ruby Matthews

Via Netflix

Ruby was the typical popular mean girl in season one of Sex Education, and was the head of the Untouchables, Moordale’s most popular group.

By season four she is trying to overcome her breakup from Otis, and makes friends in her new school, Cavendish College. Her looks were always immaculate throughout every season.

Jean Milburn

Via Netflix

Jean Milburn, the icon you are. Honestly my female crush. In season one Otis’ mum was a confident sex therapist, who would frequently overstep her son’s boundaries.

By the final season, she changed her career to become a sex therapy radio host, as well as a new mum to baby Joy. Aside from looking slightly older, she’s still absolutely flawless four seasons later.

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