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Taylor and Stacy from Love Is Blind have released their own merch and it’s something

I can’t tell if it’s iconic or awful

Stacy and Taylor from Love Is Blind have decided that a life of influencing isn’t enough for them, and have released their own merch tailored around their quotes from the dating show. Taylor has just released one cap, whilst Stacy has tops, crewnecks, hoodies and hats! Let’s look into what exactly they’re selling and how much for!

Taylor’s Love Is Blind-themed merch consists of just one hat with a pretty iconic caption on it. The hat says “Caked Up” on it, in reference to when her ex JP tried to shame her for the amount of makeup that she was wearing when they first met. The hats are available in tan or pink and are $25 (£20.61), and available to buy on her website.

Stacy is selling a wider range of merch, which is also related to some truly iconic quotes from the show. Stacy is selling a $30 (£24.72) crop top with her quote “Games keep you young, and so does botox” printed onto it. Not to sound too judgemental but the sheerness of the top reminds me of poor-quality toilet paper.

Next up is a $65 (£53.55) green crewneck, with yet another quote on it saying “Sometimes Love Wants To Fly First Class.” I hope Stacy’s dad is getting a cut of the royalties! Stacy also sells a $65 (£53.55) cropped hoodie, a $30 (£24.72) cap and a $25 (20.59) beanie, which all have the first class flying logo on them.

So, if you’re in the market for some very niche Love Is Blind merch then Stacy and Taylor have got you covered!

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