Joe Jonas Sophie Turner kiss

Joe Jonas reportedly thinks it’s ‘too soon’ for Sophie Turner ‘to kiss whomever in public’

‘If she is doing this to hurt him, she is not going to hurt him any more than she already has’

Surprise, surprise Joe Jonas is reportedly not happy that Sophie Turner gave an aristocrat a kiss in public last week. In case you missed it, Sophie was seen making out with Peregrine Pearson, and yes that is his real name.  The two were seen together on the streets of Paris, how romantic!

And so whilst Sophie Turner is out living her best single life, Joe obviously had to make himself look the morally superior one, and according to a source he thinks it’s “too soon for her to be gallivanting and kissing whomever in public.” That’s right folks, the man who apparently didn’t warn Sophie that he wanted a divorce before going to the press thinks she’s doing a little too much. In the words of Tracey Bluth, “good for her!”

The source said in full: “What is important for Joe is the well-being of his kids and finishing the tour he is on with his brothers. He would be happy to find love again and do all of that, but that is not even close to what is on the top of his mind as he wants to get on with the divorce and get on with his life.

“And if Sophie wants to gallivant and kiss whomever in public, he doesn’t really want to play those games.”

The source added that “Joe feels that having his priorities in check and focusing on what is now and what is important is the way to move forward, and that is his obligation to his family and work. Granted it feels a little too soon, he has no control over what she does and can only try to figure out the best co-parenting agenda for them both.

“If she is doing this to hurt him, she is not going to hurt him any more than she already has, he will get through it with his chin up.”

This source is giving the same energy as when you make your friend stalk your ex on her Instagram account so it doesn’t look like you’re still obsessed with him.

Another source previously told Us Weekly that Joe is not “concerned” about Sophie moving on, and dating is “not on his radar” currently.

“He’s focusing his energy on his music and his family,” the insider said. “Joe is doing great, and he had an amazing time celebrating Halloween with his daughters. He has a lot on his plate between his career and his girls, so he doesn’t even have time to date.”

Sophie meanwhile is absolutely thriving, as she should. She’s been pictured this week hanging out with her new group of girlfriends including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne, with the five of them eating a boujee dinner at Bondst Japanese restaurant. Being single has never looked so good on Sophie!

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