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Inside the actual two schools where Nativity was filmed

Not one of the schools actually being really boujee

If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand it’s Nativity and Christmas. It’s one of those amazing feel-good films that never fails to get you into the festive spirit. We all know that the fictional school in Nativity was the slightly run-down St Bernadettes and then the boujee Oakmoor School, but what are the actual schools like that they used for filming?

From students being featured in the film to it secretly being really boujee, here’s everything you need to know about the two actual schools where Nativity was filmed.

What’s the name of the school where St Bernadettes was filmed?

Holy Family Catholic Primary School was used as the filming location for St Bernadettes in Nativity, and it’s so wholesome looking. It’s a catholic school, and faith is a massive part of the school curriculum. The school is also located in Coventry.

What did they think about their school being featured in the film?

Carmel Farrelly the headteacher said: “The pupils had a fabulous time, it’s a time in history for them really. They’ll be able to look back with a real sense of pride and nostalgia.

“Some of the children who were in the first film have now moved on to Cardinal Newman school but their little brothers and sisters are in the sequel so it’s nice for families.”

What’s the name of the school where Oakmoor was filmed?

The actual school is called Bablake, a private school in Coventry for pupils aged three all the way to 18 that was founded in 1344.

Is it actually as boujee as it looks in Nativity?

It is indeed mega fancy. First off, it costs a whopping £15,000 for the year, plus a £500 sign-up fee! I bet they do absolutely impeccable Christmas carol concerts though. The school itself looks absolutely stunning and has its own swimming pool, netball and tennis courts and theatre!

What did the school think of Nativity being filmed there?

Bablake said: “It may not be an obvious Oscar nominee but we are fiercely backing ‘Nativity’. It’s a true ‘Cov-fest’ and involves many of our Junior School children and you will recognise many senior school landmarks.

“Imogen Stern was one of 3 senior school actors in the film and former pupils from the late 90s will spot Emily Morris (aka Amelia Tyler) a number of times.”

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