Gypsy Rose Ryan relationship

From a fairytale wedding to cute nicknames: Inside Gypsy Rose and Ryan’s relationship

Ryan snuck an engagement ring into prison to propose

Ahead of her documentary coming out, Ryan and Gypsy Rose have been sharing a lot about their relationship. The two met whilst Gypsy Rose was in prison, with Ryan proposing to her after their third conjugal visit.

So, from the cute nicknames they call each other to what Disney princess Ryan thinks Gypsy Rose would be, here’s a look inside their relationship.

He snuck an engagement ring into prison to propose to her

Ryan has previously explained how he proposed to Gyspy Rose just four months into their relationship when the two met in prison. On their third conjugal visit, he put a ring on a chain and proposed to Gypsy Rose.

The nicknames that Gypsy Rose and Ryan use in their relationship

Gypsy Rose calls her husband “Cuddlemuffin” and Ryan calls her “Snuggles.”

The Disney princess Ryan thinks Gypsy Rose would be

He thinks Gypsy Rose would be Rapunzel from Tangled, and something about that seems too on the nose.

They’re planning a fairytale wedding re-do

Whilst Ryan and Gypsy Rose got married in prison, the two are planning another wedding. Ryan said that they both “want a proper wedding at some point. Gypsy deserves a white dress moment. I know every female deserves that. And Gypsy’s already got the style of dress she wants. And it kind of shocked me.”

Gypsy said: “A re-do wedding with all our family there would be amazing. I want the classy, fairy tale wedding that I always dreamed of as a child. I think that Ryan and I deserve that for each other. I want a white dress that’s a bit form-fitting, that flares at the bottom and has capped sleeves.”

Ryan has said he’ll ‘always be there’ for Gypsy Rose in their relationship

He explained: “I just want her to know I’m here for her. I show her and I tell her all the time. It’s one of those where it doesn’t matter what we go through, we’re still going to be together.

“We’re so close. We’ve had that bond, you know, in prison, we had to create that to create this relationship, you know, so we had the emotional part down, but now it’s the physical and so it’s all coming together, it’s coming full circle.”

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