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Griselda son

Griselda’s son slams Netflix series saying it was ’embarrassing’ to watch

Their story wasn’t given the proper ‘respect’ it needed

The only surviving son of Griselda Blanco, Michael, has spoken out for the first time about his thoughts on the show, slamming it for being “embarrassing” to watch. Michael was already critical of Sofia Vergara’s “ugly” prosthetic portrayal of his “beautiful” mother and now he’s talked about his thoughts on the events of the series.

Michael said: “It’s a rush of emotions. It’s very surreal. I’m not going to lie to you; it was very emotional. There was a point where I found myself gasping for air. I found myself happy. I found myself sad.”

He added: “I feel that the story, our story, my family’s story, the Blanco family’s universe, it’s so complex and so legendary it should be shown respect when it comes to storytelling. I think the story deserved a little more.”

Griselda’s son did like one aspect of the show however, talking about his favourite part in Griselda he said: “I liked that wherever my mother went, we went with her,” he said. “So I liked the fact that they tried to humanize the character. That was nice. That’s probably it.”

But Michael criticised the show for being “far from accurate,” and called out one part where Griselda is struggling to sell one kilo of cocaine in Miami in 1978. He explained that watching the scene was “embarrassing.” He went on: “It was quite embarrassing. The lady was the No. 1 cocaine distributor in the world by 1975. She created the industry.”

He added: “You could say my mother was the first official whale because nobody had hundreds of kilos. Nobody had the laboratories. She pioneered the routes. She pioneered everything in the modern-day cocaine industry as we know it.”

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