One Day author David Nicholls explained where he thinks Dex is now and it’s so cute

This is the emotional closure I needed

It’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little bit heartbroken after that One Day ending, and the last we saw of Dex didn’t exactly give us a lot of emotional closure.

But now the author of One Day, David Nicholls revealed where he thinks Dex would be after all these years and it’s safe to say I’m crying all over again. Spoilers ahead, so beware!

Via Netflix

A TikTok user asked the author: “An amazing book with an amazing show. Thank you for giving us a masterpiece. May I ask, where do you see Dex after all these years?”

David Nicholls replied saying: “I think about this a lot and the good news is – I think he’s fine, a good father, steady and successful, sometimes a flirt and a fool, but definitely happy.”

That’s music to my ears after the last we saw of Dex was him being understandably heartbroken at Emma’s unexpected passing after she was hit by a vehicle whilst on her bike. I can sleep happily knowing he recovers.

Via Netflix

The author of One Day is also an executive producer on One Day and the series’ lead writer and creator, Nicole Taylor, said that the show should feel intimate to the viewer. “You’re never just observing two people. You’re literally there feeling it like you’re in that bedroom with them.”

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