Jess made a revelation about her Love is Blind EpiPen diss that makes it so much more savage

Much like Jimmy, I’m wheezing

The line Jess delivered to Jimmy when he cut ties with her in the Love is Blind pods has to go down as one of the most iconic diss’ ever to go down on the show.

After Jimmy told Chelsea he loved her in the pods he decided to cut ties with Jess before seeing what she looked like, and the Love is Blind cast member made sure he would regret his decision.

She told him: “When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke. You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.” Absolutely savage.


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But as if it couldn’t get any more savage Jess revealed in an interview the real reason why she brought up the EpiPen diss and it’s personal.

She clarified in an Instagram story: “I don’t own an Epipen. But in one of my earlier dates with Jimmy—we had so many and obviously most of our dates weren’t shown—but he told me that he had to keep an EpiPen on him at all times because he had such severe allergies, his airwaves would close if he didn’t have it.”

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Jess explained that she never planned on using that against Jimmy, but said the fear of having to save her Love is Blind date from choking if they did end up together had been “top of mind for a couple days.”

She continued: “So, when I was giving my breakup speech, which wasn’t planned or rehearsed. I was just heartbroken and I blacked out and… the EpiPen line just fell out and happened to go with everything.”

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