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Love is Blind Kenneth

Umm, it turns out Kenneth appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show two years ago?!

Remarkably he wasn’t on his phone the whole show

It turns out Love is Blind isn’t the first time Kenneth has been on TV, as he also appeared on the popular Kelly Clarkson show two years ago in 2022.

The Love is Blind star appeared on the show to tell Kelly all about being a principal at just 25 years old when the average age of principals is 48.


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Thankfully Kenneth was actually looking at Kelly Clarson rather than being completely sucked into his phone like on Love is Blind. His Love is Blind phone obsession has become a major topic of discussion, and even Kenneth admitted that he knew it was becoming “ridiculous.”

Kenneth admitted: “It seemed like I was just on my phone all the time. I said to myself, ‘Ken, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe you’re doing that. Anytime I’m in a conversation and I unpack it, it seems like I’m retreating. And I’m actually not retreating. I’m actually internally processing and not responding impulsively.

“What I did not consider was, if I’m talking to someone and I just start being quiet, they’re like, ‘Hello? Are you here with me right now? Are you here?’ And I meant nothing ill by it. That’s just my way of processing. It’s just another lesson I’ve learned.”

Via Netflix

And whilst Brittany didn’t think Kenneth was being “disrespectful” by being on his phone she admitted she no longer felt a “crave” for Kenneth, ending their Love is Blind engagement.

Kenneth explained how “hard” it was to hear that from Brittany. He said: “Hearing that, ‘I don’t have that craving for you anymore.’ As hard as it was to hear it, I had to respect it. I was like, ‘No! I still crave you. I still want you. I still want you to be my person. I’m still with you.’ I had to respect it because there was no point in going through with it.”

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