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Love Is Blind fans are accusing Netflix of bullying Chelsea with its ‘rude’ billboard

And Chelsea has reacted as you’d expect

Fans have accused Netflix of bullying Love Is Blind star Chelsea with their newest billboard slogan which appears to mock her comparison to Megan Fox.

Netflix posted on its Instagram a picture of its newest billboard sign which advertises this season of Love Is Blind, saying: “People say I look like the Hollywood sign’ – Me on Love Is Blind.” The caption said: “I’m flattered”

The sign is an obvious joke around the comment Chelsea made in the Love Is Blind pods where she compared herself to looking like Megan Fox, something she has received a huge amount of backlash around and has apologised for.

Fans of Chelsea were quick to come to the Love Is Blind star’s defence saying “Wowza.. feeling pretty bad for Chelsea these days. She’s getting dragged through the mud for that comment.” Another wrote: “Let’s call this what it is, rude and disrespectful and mean girl activity. Regardless if @chelseadblackwell laughs it off, it’s not a nice post.”

Chelsea responded to the Love Is Blind billboard by reposting the Netflix billboard to her story with the caption: “I did my service.”


Will the real megan fox please stand up. #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason6

♬ original sound – Chelseablackwell

Megan has previously addressed the Megan Fox comparisons she made in the Love Is Blind pods revealing she “absolutely regrets” saying it, but it was just supposed to be a “silly conversation.”

She explained in the comments of her Instagram: “I haven’t addressed this at all. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative by any means. You have to understand, we are on these dates for four-plus hours at a time. I wasn’t the only one having silly conversations such as this. Do I regret it, absolutely. But in no way was I trying to persuade any decision. I am not a vicious person and I won’t be made out to be.”

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