Omg, Jeramey’s ex-fiancée says she also caught him cheating on her via location sharing

How does this man never learn?!

You genuinely cannot make this stuff up. Love Is Blind star Jeramey has now been accused by his ex-fiancée of cheating on him, and she found out through his location sharing. I’m actually deceased.

Jeramey had previously been caught out by Laura on Love Is Blind who accused him of meeting up with Sarah Ann at two in the morning, after his Apple watch gave his location away. And to now find out he’s already done that once before is the icing on the cake, the reunion is going to be so drama-filled.


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The ex-fiancée  Brittani says her relationship with Jeramey started in March 2020 with the two getting engaged in December 2020. She says she broke things off with him in mid-October 2022 after “discovering his infidelity with a woman he sought out on a dating app.”

Brittani says she caught Jeramey cheating in a similar way to how Laura found out about Jeramey meeting up with Sarah Ann and “driving her home”: via location-sharing on Love Is Blind. She explained in an interview with Business Insider: “He was sharing his exact location on Snapchat with all of his ‘friends’ and didn’t realize it. That was how I caught him lying about where he was. He was telling me he was in a different location and I could see exactly where he was.

“I could see him in real time, as he was driving home, so essentially the exact same way as Laura would’ve seen on her end. When he got home, I discovered that he sought the other woman out on a dating app.”

Genuinely cannot believe this man was caught out the same way TWICE. Insane stuff.

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