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Love is Blind Stats

Someone worked out how many minutes of screen time each Love Is Blind couple received

The differences are crazy

If you felt like you were always watching certain couples pop up on your screen when watching Love Is Blind you wouldn’t be wrong, and someone has made a graph to prove it. The graph shows how many minutes of screen time each one of the Love Is Blind couples who were engaged received after the pods but before the weddings and the results may shock you.

Screen time per couple this season
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Brittany and Kenneth – 28.7 minutes

Brittany and Kenneth had the least screen time out of all the couples on Love Is Blind, with just 28.7 minutes. Considering how many hour-long episodes there are between them leaving the pods and getting married that’s a lot of time not spent on these two!

Amy and Johnny – 29.1 minutes

With just one extra minute of screen time, Amy and Johnny are just above Brittany and Kenneth.

Laura and Jeramey – 45.5 minutes

I think most of this time was spent on a jetski or trying to explain to Laura why he was at a random parking lot at two in the morning.

AD and Clay – 56.5 minutes

AD and Clay have the second largest amount of screentime overall and are just four minutes short of having a full hour of screentime to themselves.

Jimmy and Chelsea – 110.08 minutes

And taking the lead with a whopping 110.08 minutes or roughly an hour and 50 minutes is Jimmy and Chelsea. Compared to Brittany and Kenneth they got 81.38 more minutes of screentime than them, a massive increase!

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