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test new post quickly without admin class

excerpt in the wrong place on admin form

This is an admin writing a post for a uni


With an embed


Cambridge University calls for UCEA and UCU to negotiate admist marking boycott

Students were sent a link to Raven protected FAQs surrounding the MABs this afternoon

Extinction Rebellion activists found not guilty of Schlumberger Centre damages

Cambridge XR activists found not guilty of £28,000 damage to Schlumberger Research Centre

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Somehow, Cambridge has ranked seventh best night out in the UK for 2023

And London is dubbed the worst!

Cambridge students face delays in graduating amidst UCU marking boycott

Regent House has voted against emergency powers that could have protected students from the consequences of the boycott

The Corpus Clock has been smashed

The glass of the Corpus Clock has been shattered this evening

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Yees S Club 7 return – not a short headline so there

Steps could never